An Offseason Tune-up

It was one of the most exciting free agency periods in Vikings history this past March. This was mostly due to the fact we signed quarterback Kirk Cousins on a 3 year 84 million dollar contract, fully guaranteed. Another player that Spielman and co. brought in was Sheldon Richardson from the Seattle Seahawks. He is a dominant force along the defensive line when he wants to be. Richardson was only signed to a one year deal which could signify that the Vikings will look to upgrade at the position long term in this year’s draft. This benefits them financially and hopefully with the same production as well.

We also saw some fan favorites leave our beloved team unfortunately. Teddy Bridgewater, Case Keenum, and Jarius Wright were all casualties of the Vikings free agency splurge. There were a number of others who found other homes as well like Sam Bradford, Jerrick McKinnon, Tremaine Brock. This is important to keep in mind during next years draft as we should see an influx of compensatory picks coming our way.

Our biggest needs heading into the draft are at the offensive line, defensive line depth,  and cornerback position. Offensive line is by far our biggest need and would expect the Viking’s front office to use at least two picks to try to secure effective protection for our new quarterback. Defensive line is an area where we lack depth compared to the potential championship squads of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Los Angeles Rams. I expect the Vikings to draft a 3 technique defensive tackle in the first three rounds of the draft. Later on I would imagine they draft a guy that defensive line coach Andre Patterson can coach up to the NFL level. At cornerback we need a guy that can provide back up efforts in the slot and potentially out wide if one of our cornerbacks gets injured.

We are only weeks away from the NFL draft and with the Vikings having a total of eight picks in this years draft (definitely subject to change) there is great chance that the Vikings find quality players to continue their push towards their first ever Super Bowl victory.


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