An Appreciation of the Minnesota Twins

In the past decade the Twins could be considered a franchise that underachieved with the assets at their disposal. We all remember peak-performance Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau trying to lead a state to its first World Series Championship since 1991. But now, in the year 2018, the Twins have retooled their entire roster with some of the most talented prospects in the entire league. Byron Buxton has the opportunity to compete for MVPs for the foreseeable future as a 5 tool player out in centerfield. Royce Lewis, the shortstop the Twins drafted with the number one overall pick in last years draft has a tremendous amount of upside. It won’t be until a couple of years have passed until we see him at the major league level but he is an exciting part of the Twins organization to say the least.

This past offseason we saw a stalemate between teams and free agents looking for new contracts. The Twins bolstered the starting rotation and bullpen, two areas of great need, because of this odd situation. The likes of Lance Lynn, Addison Reed, Fernando Rodney, and others were brought in to help a team struggling to maintain leads deep into games.

Now with an arguably top five offense and an above average pitching group, the Twins are set up for a season destined for playoff baseball. They will have to compete with the Cleveland Indians for the division but a wild card spot would be suitable as well. Being that the rest of the division is so weak the Twins should have no issue with that proposition. To make it deep into playoffs the Minnesota franchise will have to show it is capable of taking on the best of the best the league has to offer. The Houston Astros have an uber amount of talent at every level of their team and will be favorites barring any crazy events or injuries.

Nonetheless, the Minnesota Twins will be good for the years to come and that feels good to say. The team of over a hundred losses is gone and a new era of winning baseball has arrived. Let’s just hope we don’t look back in 10 to 15 years and view this group as another one that underachieved.


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