Thank you Jimmy Butler

Thank you Jimmy Butler,

For showing us Timberwolves fans, what it is like to be back in the playoffs.

For playing your hardest night in and night out.

For teaching your younger teammates what it is like to compete at the next level.

For playing defense.

For giving us memorable moments to be forever lasting in the forms of gifs on Twitter.

And most of all, for giving hope to a franchise that has been irrelevant for most of it’s history.


What Jimmy Butler has provided the Wolves cannot be thanked enough. It was quite obvious that we were a completely different team with him on the court. The Wolves had a record of 12 wins and 13 losses when Butler was out with an injury. With him the Wolves had record of 35 wins and 22 losses. Which could have been much better had they not lost to some of the worst teams in the league early in the season but that is another story.

Tom Thibodeau, Head coach and President of Basketball Operations, can be criticized for many front office moves as well as rotations regarding the players on the court. But one thing he cannot be criticized for is his trade for Butler. Butler helped transform a team from underachievers to a team with a legitimate future within the NBA landscape. With help from some of his old Chicago Bulls teammates, they enlightened the likes of Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins to what their careers could hold if they focus every night on their pursuit of excellence on the basketball court.

So again, thank you Jimmy Butler.


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