Upcoming Extensions for the Vikings

With Eric Kendricks inking a 5 year deal worth 50 million dollars, it will be interesting to see how Rick Spielman gets Danielle Hunter, Stefon Diggs, and Anthony Barr to sign to new deals with the cap space getting smaller and smaller. To estimate a possible deal it is important to recognize players with similar positions, production, and age to gauge a realistic contract extension. Let’s see how much it is going to take to lock the rest of our core up.

Danielle Hunter’s comparable players:

  • Cameron Jordan / 5 Years $55 Million
  • Everson Griffin / 5 Years $58 Million
  • Jason Pierre-Paul / 4 Years $62 Million
  • Olivier Vernon / 5 Years $85 Million

Hunter is a special case because of how young he is and the amount of production he has already shown. He had 12.5 sacks as a rotational defensive end two years ago. Defensive ends get paid big because of their scarcity and that is exactly what is going to happen here.

Expected Deal – 5 Years / $62-70 Million

Stefon Diggs comparable players:

  • Keenan Allen / 4 Years $45 Million
  • Alshon Jeffrey / 4 Years $52 Million
  • Allen Robinson / 3 Years $42 Million
  • Jarvis Landry / 3 Years $48 Million

Unfortunately for the Vikings, Jarvis Landry was just overpaid by the Cleveland Browns which is going to be a point of negotiation for Diggs and his agent when they discuss an extension. Diggs has had minor injuries that have sidelined him for a handful of games every season so that could keep his price lower than some of the guys on this list.

Expected Deal – 4 Years / $45-50 MillionĀ 

Anthony Barr comparable players:

  • Lavonte David / 5 Years $50 Million
  • Telvin Smith / 4 Years $45 Million
  • Jamie Collins / 4 Years $57 Million
  • Melvin Ingram / 4 Years $64 Million

Anthony Barr could be the most valuable piece to Mike Zimmer’s defense. He is someone we cannot afford to lose as he serves as the motor that keeps the rest of the guys going. I would be extremely surprised if he isn’t extended this summer.

Expected Deal – 5 Years / $50-55 Million

If Rick Spielman manages to pull this off, then he will have set the Vikings up for a Super Bowl opportunity for the next three years. Unfortunately, there will have to be cap casualties eventually. Andrew Sendejo and Mike Remmers seem like possible options as they have little or no dead cap next summer if cut. Regardless, the Vikings are a NFC powerhouse until proven otherwise.


Picture credit – startribune.com

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