The History of Pick #20 in the NBA Draft

2010 – James Anderson (Oklahoma State) San Antonio Spurs

2011 – Donatas Motiejunas (Lithuania) Minnesota Timberwolves

2012 – Evan Fournier (France) Denver Nuggets

2013 – Tony Snell (New Mexico) Chicago Bulls

2014 – Bruno Caboclo (Brazil) Toronto Raptors

2015 – Delon Wright (Utah) Toronto Raptors

2016 – Caris LaVert (Michigan) Indiana Pacers

2017 – Harry Giles (Duke) Portland Trail Blazers

No significant names are found in this list of eight players but there are plenty of guys who offer value in the NBA today. Evan Fournier is definitely someone who has contributed at the NBA level sufficiently, along with Tony Snell. The Timberwolves did not have the best of fortune when they picked 20th the last time around but hopefully things change this summer.

All teams are looking for this years Draymond Green, Isaiah Thomas, or Jimmy Butler. The hidden gem, a player who is overlooked by nearly everyone in the league. Finding these players gives a franchise a chance at a championship if they build the rest of the team efficiently and correctly. It’ll be paramount that the Wolves at minimum hit on a prospect that contributes as a role player on a roster in dire need of added quality to the bench unit.


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