Last Vikings Mock Draft

As we approach Thursday evening, there doesn’t appear to any clear decisions made on any of the picks in the first round. No one knows what direction the Cleveland Browns are going to go in, and that decision will ultimately decide how the rest of the draft plays out.

For the Vikings, there isn’t clear indication if they are going to trade up, trade down, or just stay where they are. Rick Spielman is known for making moves during the draft and I fully expect for that to remain true during the course of this year’s draft.

For my final mock draft, I am going to make selections and trades that I think will optimally help the Vikings the most in the following season. I plan on trading into the second round to recoup the 4th round pick we lost in the Sam Bradford trade. I also am going to potentially trade up in the mid to late rounds to target specific players.

I do mock drafts on I will be using Matt Miller from Bleacher Report’s draft board. The difficulty will be set to classic.

When it’s my turn to draft I see three players that I like in Billy Price, Taven Bryan, and Dallas Goedert. Because there is at least three players I would be okay with taking here, I am going to follow through with my plan and trade into the 2nd round. This means I lose the 5th year option on my selection since it won’t be a first round pick.

I made a trade with the Indianapolis Colts:

1st Round Pick 30


2nd Round Pick 5

4th Round Pick 4

6th Round Pick 4

This trade allowed me to regain my 4th round pick and I squeezed out a 6th round pick to hopefully use at ammo to trade up later.

I select tight end Dallas Goedert from South Dakota State with my first second round pick.

New offensive coordinator, John DeFilipo, likes heavy tight end packages so Goedert would pair nicely with Kyle Rudolph and David Morgan. Rudolph also has a large cap hit for the next few seasons so he could be a candidate for a restructure with Goedert being brought in.

As the second round progresses, I start to get nervous that I am not going to get an interior offensive lineman that I like. I made a trade with the Buffalo Bills to move up.

2nd Round Pick 30

6th Round Pick 44

7th Round Pick 7


2nd Round Pick 24

With my new second round pick, I select center/guard, Frank Ragnow from Arkansas.

So far I have addressed tight end and the offensive line. I really like both the players I managed to snag in round 2. In round 3, I stand put with the 90th overall pick of the draft.

I select B.J. Hill, defensive tackle from North Carolina State.

With Sheldon Richardson on a one year deal, we could potentially need a replacement soon. If Jaleel Johnson doesn’t pan out then this could be a great pick in the coming year. You can never have enough depth along the offensive and defensive line.

I don’t have to wait long to make my next pick because of the 4th rounder I acquired in the trade with Indianapolis. With that pick I want to bolster the offensive line again. This time I have a decision between two tackles, Joseph Noteboom or Orlando Brown. Due to Brown’s poor combine and reported lack of effort, it makes me hard to believe in him long term.

With my 4th round pick, I select Joseph Noteboom, offensive tackle from TCU. 

I’m content with the players that fall to me when it comes to my turn in the 5th round. At this point in the draft I need to add depth to important positions.

I select cornerback Darius Phillips from Western Michigan. He has the quickness and the ability to play in the slot which is really valuable in today’s NFL.

In the 6th round I have three picks. I select defensive end from Oklahoma, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo with 4th pick in this round. He gives us depth behind Everson Griffin and Danielle Hunter and I have a firm belief that Andre Patterson can develop anyone with great athleticism into a suitable defensive end.

With the 30th pick in the 6th round, I pick safety, Dominick Sanders from Georgia. It almost seems like an annual thing to draft someone to replace Andrew Sendejo but he has managed to improve his game every single year with the Vikings.

My last pick of the draft at pick 39 in the 6th round, I select linebacker Andre Smith from the University of North Carolina. My last three picks all addressed depth within the defense which seems lopsided but that is because 3 of my first 4 picks addressed issues within the offense.


To recap:Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 7.46.47 PM

Trades made:

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 7.46.57 PM


In conclusion, I really liked how my final mock draft turned out. I provided quality in areas of need in the offense and managed to find nice pieces to add more depth to the league’s best defense. Kirk Cousins will have another great weapon with Dallas Goedert and he will have added protection with Frank Ragnow among the offensive line. I am excited to see how the actual turns out but if it ends anything like this, I will be elated.

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