A Trade for the Loons

In what was a move that caught most supporters by surprise, Minnesota United made a trade to bolster their porous defensive line.

The Trade:

Minnesota United

  • Sam Nicholson – Winger


Colorado Rapids

  • Eric Miller – Full Back
  • $50,000 General Allocation Money

Sam Nicholson had been one of the best players on the Loon’s roster in the 2018 campaign. He seemed to fit in nicely with the forwards and midfielders on the roster and was beginning to develop a nice partnership with new signee, Darwin Quintero. But, he did have a large salary and he occupied a international roster spot.

What the Loons get in return is a player who actually grew up in Woodbury, Minnesota. Miller will be expected to help sure up a defensive group that has had a rough start thus far in the season.

This move allows the Loons to allocate their future resources and designations for some future transfers during the months of July and August. The Loons still have two designated player options left to be used and we should expect those two slots to be filled by the end of next transfer window if everything goes to plan.


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