Timberwolves Player Evaluation: Karl-Anthony Towns

The centerpiece of the Minnesota Timberwolves franchise is clearly Karl-Anthony Towns. He had one of the greatest shooting seasons for a big man in NBA history this year. Just behind Jimmy Butler, Towns was one of the primary contributors towards winning basketball games for the Timberwolves. Towns is often regarded as a player with one of the brightest futures in the NBA. If he can fix his defensive mishaps, Towns will be a MVP candidate for the foreseeable future because his offense is so good.

As mentioned above, the biggest gripe with Towns this season was his poor defense, particularly defending the rim. He was often caught going for blocks he had no business going for, leaving his assignment wide open under the rim for an easy rebound and put back. Towns also would go for offensive put backs that often lead him being out of position which in turn led to easy fast breaks for the opposing team. These are all mental mistakes that should be able to be cleaned up with the right mentality and the right coaching.

Another wish the most Wolves fans have of Towns, and something that isn’t his fault, is that he doesn’t shoot the ball enough when he is on the floor. He is one of the greatest offensive threats in the NBA because of his ability in the post, midrange, and from deep. Yet, there seems to be a refusal by coaching to allow the offense to run through Towns. He was 3rd on the team for field goals attempted behind Wiggins and Butler. If Towns can get his 14.3 shots per game up to about 17 or 18, Wolves fans will be rejoicing. The Timberwolves will also be winning even more games than they did this past season if this wish can come true.

Thankfully, the Timberwolves have a significant advantage over other teams to secure Towns’ talents for the foreseeable future because of how the CBA is setup. This means Towns should be here until at least his 2nd contract with the Wolves expires barring that he doesn’t demand a trade out.

Karl-Anthony Towns was one of the few areas fans were pleased with for at least a majority of the season. If he can fix his defensive woes and get more touches on the ball, the Timberwolves ceiling shifts dramatically in a fight for not only their second consecutive playoff birth, but for a chance at playing deep into the NBA playoffs.


photo credit startribune.com

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