Timberwolves Player Evaluation: Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins serves as a perpetual battlefield for Minnesota Timberwolves fans of all intensities. Opinons have become even stronger since Wiggins signed his max contract last summer worth 146 million dollars. Barring any trades that include Wiggins, he will be a member of the Timberwolves until the summer of 2023. You can view that notion as you please, let’s see how he fared this season.

In Wiggins’ second season with defensive guru Tom Thibodeau, he made slight improvements in on and off-ball defense. Something we would, at a minimum, hope for being that he was given a max contract last summer. Wolves fans have always seen tremendous defensive flashes throughout Wiggins’ career, but this season we saw a little more consistency which was promising. Wiggins also played another full 82 game season. He’s only missed one game in his four year career. His durability cannot be questioned.

Offensively, this was Wiggins’ worst season since his rookie year. We expected to see a small drop-off due to the additions of Jimmy Butler and Jeff Teague, but in terms of efficiency and overall production, he declined significantly. Wiggins shot 43% from the field and 33% from beyond the arc. Two figures that need to improve heading into next season. Also, Wiggins shot 64% from the free throw line which was puzzling given that he shot almost exactly 76% his first three seasons. Furthermore, we did not see significant improve in rebounding, assists, steals, or blocks, on a per game basis.

There were rumblings that Wiggins was not happy with his role on the Wolves squad this year. Even though he had the most shots per game on the roster. More shots than the likes of Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns. There is a chance that we see Wiggins moved this summer. His max contract eats up a massive amount of space in cap room, especially with Towns and Butler extensions looming in the near future.

One of the few notions that keeps Wiggins in conversations with all-stars in the NBA, is the idea of how high his ceiling is in regard to development. He possesses prototypical physical traits, combined with athleticism that is almost unheard of. If the Wolves keep Wiggins, there has to be a significant jump in production, if not, his trade value will plummet while he begins his new contract. Wiggins’ development will decide the future of this Timberwolves’ roster.


photo credit isportsweb.com

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