Towns and Butler Named to All-NBA 3rd Team

For Jimmy Butler, the 2017-2018 season will be his 2nd time making an All-NBA team. His first selection came last year with the Chicago Bulls, which also was All-NBA 3rd team.

For Karl-Anthony Towns, this will hopefully be the first of many All-NBA selections in his NBA career. Towns is still only 22 years old, and is regarding as a player with one of the brightest futures in the entire league.

While it is pleasing to see that the national media recognizes that Butler and Towns had incredible seasons, this award also plays a role in their future contracts with the team. Butler’s future outlook remains unchanged, but Towns however, might’ve earned himself an extra 40 million dollars because of how the Collective Bargaining Agreement is set up in the NBA.

The Timberwolves front office must take this fact into account. And while it may appear as though Towns or Butler would be the one’s getting pushed out due to the team’s shrinking cap room, it will actually put further pressure on the Wolves to trade Wiggins max deal this offseason. If the Wolves fail to do so, it will push them into the Luxury Tax, which isn’t a major issue, but the team will be in the luxury tax for the next 4 years with Butler, Towns, and Wiggins contracts on the team. This notion will put the Timberwolves into the repeater tax which can get quite expensive, especially for a team not in a major market.

It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that the Timberwolves have two players worthy of All-NBA consideration, but the ramifications have ultimately changed how the Timberwolves will operate this offseason and for the foreseeable future.


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