A New Wolf: Josh Okogie

With the 20th overall pick in the 2018 draft, Tom Thibodeau and Scott Layden selected Josh Okogie, a guard from Georgia Tech.

Okogie is profiled as a 3 and D wing which was the Timberwolves’ biggest need heading into tonight’s draft.

At 6’4″ with a wingspan of 7’0″, Okogie certainly fits the physical mold you would like to see when drafting a wing that will be responsible for stopping opponents on the defensive end.

Okogie shot 82% from the free throw line and 38% from deep in his two years at Georgia Tech.

His free throw rate was quite impressive at the collegiate level. This serves as an indication of his ability to drive in the lane effectively.

Many scouts and analysts have pointed to his defensive capabilities translating into the next level. Okogie has active hands along with quick and reactive feet to keep his opponents from driving into the lane with ease.

While he certainly has strengths in his game, Okogie must be able to clean his jump shot up even more to be able to score at a proficient level in the NBA.

Overall, this pick fills a direct need on this current Timberwolves roster. There was much speculation about a possible trade to get off the Gorgui Dieng contract heading into tonight but those rumors have since been extinguished. Welcome to Minnesota, Josh Okogie!


photo credit – si.com

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